What does the future hold for Draymond Green and the Warriors?

Draymond Green becomes a restricted free agent after this season.

When the Warriors drafted Draymond Green a few years ago, I was really excited. I had watched Green play at Michigan State since his freshman year and I was very familiar with his skills. He was a player with no place, as his size, frame and athleticism wasn’t a prototype of a successful NBA player. Nevertheless, he had many great qualities and in time, could evolve into someone special.

Fast forward to now and Green is one of the most important players on the Warriors. He’s been getting praise for his ability to shut down defenders down the post and up top at the guard position. His versatility has allowed the Warriors defense to shoot up the top of the ranks in the NBA. Additionally, his offensive numbers have risen. He is still a work in progress and his deep-range shooting at times has hurt the Warriors. But overall, he’s a great asset to the team and has been so key for the Warriors ever since he was named the starter following David Lee’s struggles.

He becomes a restricted free agent after this season, meaning the Warriors can match any offer another team gives Green. The organization, including head coach Steve Kerr, has expressed desire to keep Green with the Warriors. If that’s the case, how come the team hasn’t given him an extension and risk him hitting the free agency market?

As of now, Green isn’t thinking about a new contract. But he did sign with a new agent. And is a max contract a real possibility?

Green has expressed a desire to play for his hometown team Pistons but in terms of success, he would be taking a step back. The Warriors are a more talented team but the East isn’t as competitive. Still, should the Warriors risk letting Green hit the market? They might end up having to pay more than they think Green’s worth just to retain him. But on the other hand, they might get a bargain if another team offers him a significantly lower deal.

But if a team is committed to keep a player around, wouldn’t it be in their best interest to avoid all possible disasters? If the Warriors are serious about Green and his future with the team, then they should offer him an extension now. Even though Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have been the stars of the team, Green might be the cog that keeps everything together. His versatility on the floor has elevated the Warriors and it would be a shame if he’s not back next season.

In a game where the offense for the Warriors seems to be what most people are talking about, the defense remains their best weapon and they can’t lose their defensive leader this offseason. The situation in Oakland is set for him to succeed. If the Warriors see it, they should do what they can to keep him.


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