The San Jose Sharks have become left shark

Another disappointing loss for the Sharks on Saturday.

I can’t figure out these San Jose Sharks. They are playing out of sync and they seem to just cough up games left and right. They blew a lead against the Senators and lost on Saturday. They’ve lost three in a row and last week in a game that I think qualified as a near “must-win” against the Kings, they blew a chance to gain ground at the Stadium Series.

The team doesn’t seem to have any cohesion and they just don’t seem to have the discipline you’d expect from a team led by some veterans. They have become left shark.

I am speechless. Sure, I knew this team was in a somewhat rebuilding mode but they still had enough pieces for another playoff run. Not it just looks like they’re going to collapse down the stretch. Surprisingly they are only two points out of the final automatic qualifier spot behind the Kings. But they are five points out of the final wild card spot. Do they even have what it takes to overcome that margin?