Jim Harbaugh continues to do Jim Harbaugh things even if he’s not with the 49ers

When Jim Harbaugh was the coach of the 49ers, he attended an Oakland A’s game. He invited then Warriors head coach Mark Jackson to come to 49ers training camp. He also met with the Giants and got them and the 49ers to unite together in support of the city. These were the things that Harbaugh did when he was with the 49ers and his connections to the Bay Area were very strong.

Now that the 49ers and Harbaugh are no longer together, one could assume that Harbaugh might not be as active in participating in various things with the local teams. That’s not the case.

As you can see, Harbaugh still remains connected to the Bay Area and he’s a special guest with the Athletics at spring training today. In fact, he might even coach at first base for a few innings.

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