Marlins bring back gray jersey, put orange caps in closet

Jose Reyes was on the Marlins the last time the team wore gray jerseys during a season.

Thanks to the tip from Chris Creamer, we have some big uniform news regarding the Miami Marlins. Marlins team president David Samson said that the Marlins will wear the gray jerseys a lot more this year and the team will likely go exclusively with the black caps.

In terms of their uniforms, Samson said the team will likely go exclusively with its black caps, although the red-orange caps are popular among fans.

Regarding the uniforms, the Marlins will again wear their home white, black, red-orange and gray.

The Marlins have not worn their standard gray jerseys during a regular season game since September 25, 2012. For road games since then, they have worn either their gray or orange jerseys. This is welcomed news since their gray jerseys, in my opinion, are their best jersey in their entire set. The balance of the white lettering on the gray is something that I think makes their colorful set pretty tame. Despite the front office not being a fan of the gray set, I am glad it is making its return. For how many games? We’ll see.

As for the exclusivity of the black caps, that’s a shame. This means the orange caps will not be used this year and I think this is a big mistake. The orange cap, even though worn only four times since their debut in the 2012 season, is a much more vibrant cap that matches the Marlins identity. I think the orange cap works really well with the white and orange jerseys and should be used exclusively at home for those two sets. The black caps should be for the road with the gray and black jerseys.

Mark Buehrle was one of the few pitchers to wear the orange caps for a start.

Miami took one step forward today and then took one step back. So close, Miami. So close.

Now about these orange helmets


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