Maybe Steve Nash, not Wayne Gretzky, is the greatest Canadian athlete ever

Here’s the question that was asked and depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer.

Statistically, Wayne Gretzky is the easy choice. He has so many records, the championships and heralded as the greatest ever in his sport. Steve Nash holds some records in the NBA, but nowhere close to what Gretzky has accomplished. So why is this a tough question?

Canadians are (stereotypically) supposed to be good at hockey. It’s in their blood. So even though Gretzky was great, there is not a lot of a surprise factor that he is the greatest in his sport. If not him, maybe it would have been some other Canadian.

But for Canada, basketball isn’t that big of a deal and seeing a Canadian named MVP in back to back seasons is pretty impressive. Nash was a gamechanger to a sport that he wasn’t expected to excel in. For Nash, he accomplished a lot in a foreign territory.

It’s really a discussion of Gretzky reaching the top with all the resources or Nash being one of the greatest with fewer resources. I still think that Gretzky is the greatest Canadian athlete of all time. But considering what Nash did in the NBA as a Canadian, I wouldn’t find any fault if someone sides with Nash on this one. What do you think?


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