Is this the new Milwaukee Bucks logo?

A while back, there was a rumor about the Bucks getting a new logo and this post from the Chris Creamer board.

One of the regulars where my friend bartends sells merch at the Bradley Center.  Yesterday, they apparently stocked a shirt with the one of the Bucks’ new logos.  No word on whether or not it’s the primary, but here’s what they described:

-Roundel featuring a Buck that looks similar to the current one, but “angrier.”

-Green & Cream… no other colors.

-Reminded them of something a microbrewery would use.

Then we saw this tweet.

Followed by this tweet.

The cream and green has been talked about and I am fine with it. I do like the red they use now but the green is essential. The new deer look isn’t that exciting to me and roundels are OK. This doesn’t seem like an improvement, rather a lateral move. They already made a minor change to their wordmark, so why make a complete change now?

If it’s just cream and green, that’s too bad. It might be great, but it could just be very plain and forced.


One thought on “Is this the new Milwaukee Bucks logo?

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