Opening day is here!

I know last night they played the first official MLB game of the season, but nothing compares to the first set of day games of the season. In fact, I wish all the first games of the year were played during the day.

I like the beginning of the MLB season. There is so much hope in the air. I know that there are teams with high expectations and some teams that aren’t going to be serious playoff contenders. But the opening of spring is like a chance at new life. Everyone has hopes of something big.

Opening day would be a great national holiday. At least for a baseball junkie like me, I would love that. Still, I will watch as much baseball as I can today and enjoy the first games of the season. It’s going to be fun.

(*I’m bummed out I couldn’t make it to Oakland for the opener today. I made the last five but this year, I just couldn’t make the time for it.)


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