A look at the recent history of the Oakland Athletics’ socks

Sonny Gray during the final game of the 2014 regular season.

The MLB world was talking about Sonny Gray’s socks in the Oakland A’s season opener on Monday. And for good reason. Gray, who recently started wearing his pant legs up, revealed the standard green socks we expected to see.

So it came to no surprise that when Gray went to the mound on Monday, he would rock the high socks again. But the surprise to many people was that he wore socks that had stripes on them. People thought they looked amazing.

EDIT: 6/20/2015

Add this to the different socks the A’s have worn this year.


Add another different sock style to the mix.


Teammate Eric Sogard also donned the socks with the stripes.

However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Sogard has been rocking those socks all spring long. In fact, he has been rocking the high socks for a few seasons.

This particular sock design originally came from a 1969 throwback game in 2013.

The popularity of that sock was very high with the fans and the players. Even though the shade of green doesn’t match the shade the A’s currently wear, the players were given the option to wear them for future games in their standard uniform. Eric Sogard did that later that season.

Sogard is quite a trendsetter. He didn’t wear the high socks when he came up with the Athletics but for the past few seasons, he has decided to go with the high socks. He’s gone with the standard all green like the one that Bobby Crosby wore when he was with the team several years ago.

He’s even worn the stirrups with the A’s logo on it as recently as this past season. It was the style that Rajai Davis wore during his three-year stint with the Athletics.

Of course, when Josh Outman was on the team, he decided to go real high with his stirrup game. Here is a photo of him in action from 2011. (And of course, they’ve had a 2-in-1 modification to it as well.)

So in the span of about the past five seasons, the A’s have featured several different options of high socks. Players can wear the standard all green sock, which is the most common one. But with stirrups, the team has offered the options of the standard green stirrup, one with the team logo on it and one from that 1969 throwback game. This season, the A’s have taken that 1969 throwback stirrup and matched the shade of green with their current set.

On Tuesday night, Jesse Hahn in his A’s debut wore a new set of socks that had never been worn by a player before. The green stirrups featured three solid gold stripes. No white trim like the one that teammate Sonny Gray wore the night before, but a simple design that matches well with the uniform.

With so many different options at the players’ disposal, which one complements the uniform best? I personally like what Hahn wore. It’s simple and not overbearing to the entire uniform set. However, the height of what Josh Outman wore was something that I wish more players would wear. In fact, I wish stirrups were mandatory. But if not, at least the high socks. It looks good with the A’s current set.

I just find it really interesting that for the A’s, in two games, had players wear two different kind of striped socks. Sogard wore the socks with the gold lines and white trim, giving the teammates two distinct looks.

I wonder if there are any rules as to what is allowed in terms of hosiery. Can players trot out different socks all in one game? Imagine if the players all wore different styles. That would be quite a sight.


2 thoughts on “A look at the recent history of the Oakland Athletics’ socks

  1. Stirrups should be MANDATORY! ‘Pajama pants’ look needs to go. Like the traditional look, although high pants look is good, too, but with stirrups, not socks. This isn’t soccer!

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