Milwaukee Bucks officially unveil new logos

The Milwaukee Bucks have officially unveiled the new team logo for next season after weeks of leaks making the waves around the Internet.

Here are the logos courtesy of

Going with what we already knew, the team is using green, a cream white and blue as their primary colors. The primary logo features the buck in its familiar┬áposition facing forward. Forming a roundel, the team name is in a simple white text underneat the buck. You may notice that part of the Buck’s throat is made with the letter “M.”

That letter “M” is in the team’s alternate logo, which features another roundel and a basketball. Simple and not overbearing. That works very well with this identity.

The other alternate logo is probably the highlight of this package. Not only is it the state of Wisconsin, but the blue highlights the Great Lakes bordering the state. In a way, this logo has that nostalgic feel as if the logo design was created back in the 1950s.

Overall, the entire logo set is very simple but very effective. I am not too big on cream but the blue is a nice subtle touch. Additionally, the elimination of red is a lateral move but that’s just my preference.

Here is a link to the creators of the logo and their idea and process.


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