Is this for real, Clippers?

Now this is interesting. Check out the above entry about the Clippers and what might be their new uniform and logo design. Take note that these are from sources and these new logos and uniforms are not confirmed, but speculation. So take them for what they are.

But let’s say that these new designs are real. What a mess!

A circular logo instead of a wordmark? The Warriors already do that.

Or how about another logo with the player number being of equal size? Not a good look.

I don’t understand the inclusion of black. I don’t understand the need to simplify a logo to something that feels so amateur. I don’t see how a teamĀ thinks that this design will resonate with a younger demographic.

This looks like a hot mess. I hope that this isn’t the real thing and it was just merely a proposed concept. Because if they do go with it, the Clippers will have one of the worst identities in the league.


One thought on “Is this for real, Clippers?

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