My review of ‘Jurassic World’

On Wednesday night, I got a chance to see ‘Jurassic World’ a couple days before it hit theaters nationwide. I grew up dreaming of becoming an archaeologist before the first movie ever came out. My love for dinosaurs grew with this and when they announced that this movie was coming out, I could not wait to see it.

I saw it in IMAX 3D and unfortunately, I was stuck in the second row way up front. I was afraid I would strain my neck but it wasn’t too bad. The only thing was that I had to move my head left and right throughout the film.

So how did I like the movie?¬†I enjoyed it. But this wasn’t something that WOW’d me at all. The storyline goes like this: There is an amusement park where genetically created dinosaurs are the attraction. A chain of dinosaurs escape and the humans must find a way to stop the dinosaurs before the chaos¬†causes damage.

Just like the first movie.

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