I am in Mew’s newest music video ‘The Night Believer’

Mew was a band I discovered during my college years and I didn’t think I would start listening to a band from Denmark. But it was something about their sound that grabbed my attention. Their album “And the Glass Handed Kites” is a masterpiece of rock music and since then, I have been their biggest fan.

Six years ago, I attended their concert in San Francisco and I consider it to be a top 5 concert for me. They haven’t toured North America since but they are set to return this fall. I already bought my ticket. I must be there.

About a month ago, they released their newest studio album and for their upcoming music video, they wanted to incorporate their fans. They had 2,250 fans from all over the world sign up for this music video project. They got it down to 1,000 individual contributions from 65 different countries and I was chosen to be in it!

What I had to do was record a screenshot from my laptop camera to match a still shot of the lead singer Jonas. Then I had to record myself singing the song. As you can see in the video, they incorporate people’s voices and our images into it. So technically, I sing in the video.

I’ve watched the video several times and I have found myself at the 3:16 mark. You can slow the video down on YouTube to see if there are any more of me. I think that’s just my one appearance.


Check out the BTS video below and a slideshow of how I assembled my submission for the video. More info here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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