The Warriors are so close and I can’t contain myself

Last night, I was a madman. I must have disturbed my neighborhood full of Lakers and Clippers fans with my yelling. I screamed, I was calling for blood as the Warriors were trying to put away the Cavs in Game 5.

You should have heard me scream for blood when Draymond Green sat on Matthew Dellavedova’s cranium. You should have heard me scream when Andre Iguodala made that improbable flip layup late in the game. You should have seen me yell “In your face!” when Curry nailed that late trey from Fremont.

It started to sink in that the Warriors are that close. That close to erasing 40 years of frustration. They are that close to bringing a championship to the Bay Area. The Warriors are the team that the Bay can agree upon as their team. This team has united the Bay and I am so proud to be a part of this fan base. 

I don’t know how I would react to this. This is the first championship for my favorite team in my lifetime. (I can’t count 1989 for the A’s because I was only three at the time and the 1994 49ers happened when I didn’t even fully invest my time into being a sports fan yet.)

The Warriors are the first professional team I fell in love with and this means a lot to me. Will it happen tomorrow? I don’t know. But if it does, I will be an emotional mess. I will try to make it to the parade. I will try to be with all the fans. I want to be there to celebrate it. I’ve wanted it for so long. They are so close.

Let it happen. Because I want to lose myself and go dumb.

Go Dubs!


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