My initial thoughts on the new Sixers uniforms

It’s here. The 76ers have unveiled their new uniforms and it isn’t much of a drastic change from their previous ones. They have taken some elements of uniforms past and created this new identity. You can check out the gallery here.

I’ll first say that the use of “PHILA” on the front is a nice touch but I don’t like it. I always associate that with the old school and for some reason, I feel that this is forced. All other elements of the uniform look pretty nice.

The first thing I noticed was the wordmark. I really like alternate one because it looks like the one Dr. J wore. Now, I may sound hypocritical with the throwback approach, but it just seems that PHILA looks so forced while the alterate works better. I was hoping they would just keep the throwback wordmark to the alternate only.

The detail on this is fantastic. It may not pop out from a distance but up close, it’s a real nice looking set of stars. Their whole seven stars on one side, six on the other is a unique quirk that I think is OK. This is the kind of uniform that looks like it’s supposed to be symmetrical and it should be. But a little change like that might take some getting used to.

Indifferent since it will rarely be seen.

This is nice. I like the V-neckline and the colors are perfectly balanced.

I like that the alternate shorts are different. I like how alternates aren’t just color swaps of the regular sets. The 13 stars logo is a nice touch too. This worked out really well in my opinion.

Overall this new uniform set is a B-minus. It’s not terrible but it’s so similar to their previous sets there’s little creativity and anything new for this uniform design. It’s good but not great. But way better than the mess the Clippers unveiled last night.


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