Why in the world did the Clippers not use any of these logos?

Look at all four of these images. These logos are infinitely better than what they ended up using. The fact that these logos feature some sort of nautical image makes it so much better. Whether it’s a wave, anchor or ship, these logos are simply amazing.

I don’t know who makes decisions in the merchandising and graphics department, but they made the wrong one. Somehow, this made their current logo set even worse.

USA’s Beatdown Of Japan Was The Highest-Rated Soccer Game In U.S. Television History

USA’s Beatdown Of Japan Was The Highest-Rated Soccer Game In U.S. Television History

This doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of factors going into this, including the fact that it was the women and that Americans are still trying to get into soccer. But hey, the chance for America to win a world championship will always draw ratings. But to what extent? Fortunately it was a very American weekend with Independence Day, I bet people were on an American high.



Sunday night’s 5-2 victory for the United States over Japan in the Women’s World Cup Final was historical for a number of reasons. For starters, the U.S. is now the only team in the world to win the tournament three times. The American women ended the 16-year drought from their last title in 1999, but besides winning, the victory produced some historical numbers when it came to television ratings.

The game, which aired on Fox, scored a 15.2/27 metered market result, the highest number ever for a soccer game on a single network in U.S. television history. According to TV by the Numbers, 20.3 million Americans age 18-49 watched the final, which is more than the average viewership for this year’s NBA Finals. The 2011 Women’s World Cup Final drew an audience of 14.1 million.

Who says Americans don’t like soccer?

UPDATE: Sounds like the final viewership number is even…

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