‘Straight Outta Cooperstown’ hilariously combines rap stars, baseball

This is beautiful and I am in tears.

Fish Tank - Miami Marlins

(Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown) (Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown)

Admittedly, this post has nothing to do with anything currently going on between the lines.

But, doggonit, there are some funny people on the Internets.

The latest must-see trend in the sports world on the Web? Turning rap stars into baseball players. The place to find it? A tumblr page called “Straight Outta Cooperstown.”

Now Cooperstown may be a long way from Compton, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at these seamless Photoshop renderings of rap’s biggest artists onto baseball cards.

To wit, we have Kanye Mack:

(Courtesy of ) (Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown)

Slick Rickey Henderson:

(Courtesy of StraightOuttaCooperstown) (Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown)

Andre Dawson 3000:

(Courtesy of StraightOuttaCooperstown) (Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown)

And so many, many more.

The baseballification of some of the artists’ better-known (and largely NSFW) lyrical stylings simply adds to the mystique.

The long and short of it? Get your a– to this tumblr page…

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