My top 5 choices for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show

The NFL has not officially announced the act for Super Bowl 50. The halftime show is a very important part of the Super Bowl experience and even though we’ve had some hits (Beyonce) and misses (Black Eyed Peas) in recent years, I would like to think that for this 50th Super Bowl, the league would find an artist perfect for the occasion.

There is speculation that Carrie Underwood might be the best option and I don’t mind her at all. But her music isn’t my style. In fact, I think there are better options out there. Here are my choices (in no particular order) of who I would like to see perform at the Super Bowl.


Everything she touches is gold. I know very little about her music but I know that she is all powerful. Have seen what kind of crowds are attending her concerts? And those guest stars who come out to perform at her show? Yeah, Swift doesn’t really connect well with the supposed NFL fan base. But they chose Bruno Mars and I am sure there were a lot of people who don’t know who he is.

But Swift, even if people don’t know her music (like me), is a person everyone knows. And if the NFL is going to make a big splash, why not go with the biggest name in music today?



Put this in the category of “no chance” the NFL chooses them. The lyrics, the idea of having an all-rap show is no way going to fly. But have you heard this duo? They are amazing and they speak to a new generation of music fans. Who is the audience the NFL wants? The younger generation will dig El-P and Killer Mike. I would love to see these guys make a big splash after their Banksy Dismaland fun.



Did you see him perform in the rain at the Super Bowl in 2007?

That’s all I need to say.



Best rapper in the game right now? West Coast representation? Amazing lyrics and one great performer. I would think that with the content of his songs, much like Run The Jewels, Lamar could never make it on stage as the main performer. Maybe as a side act to a bigger artist. But I can dream to see the West Coast represented in a big way.



Hey, if you want a Bay Area-rooted performance that is loud, “safe” for the NFL audience and has enough international appeal, Metallica is your band. They have a great following to this day even though they started decades ago. They have timeless, recognizable songs and I’m sure a medley of four of their best songs would be really fun.

Additionally, the visual for this could be over the top and it would match perfectly for an over the top Super Bowl. If the NFL wants to go to a rock route, why not Metallica? I know I would love to go crazy wild rocking out to these guys.

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