Houston Rockets unveil three useless new alt uniforms

So this is Adidas’ final stand? They are going to uglify the league before Nike takes over after two seasons. And they will do something completely unnecessary and useless to the identity branding to the Rockets.

The Rockets’ identity was great. Sure, their home and road identity was outdated but it was still a very unique design. Their ketchup & mustard alt was a nice look, especially since it harked back to their championship colors. It was good. It didn’t need anything extra.

Then this.

The black look with the checkered flag design that can be barely seen is not a great idea. (It supposedly is an homage to the Gemini Titan rockets.) Black isn’t a necessary color to be emphasizing.

The gray one also lacks any identity. And it has sleeves

And another sleeved one! Clutch City is an OK nickname but it really doesn’t need to happen. Not like this.

How odd is that these three alternates feature three different fonts? This new identity the team is going for is a mess. Terrible.


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