NFL’s #ColorRush is coming and it’s a good idea executed poorly

The rumor during the offseason was that the NFL wanted some color vs. color uniform matchups during Thursday Night Football. It wasn’t clear whether or not teams would wear new uniforms for this occasion or just have teams wear what they have in their rotation.

During a commercial on Thursday Night Football, we got our answer. Check out the above video.

The idea is either to help merchandise sales or make Thursday Night Football seem like a special event. Either way, it doesn’t need to happen but it’s here. Color vs. color is nice and I want to see more if it in the NFL. But their approach to this isn’t the best.

Let’s break each matchup down in the order these games will be played.

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The Warriors are bringing back ‘The City’ throwbacks but there is one big problem

We had known for months that the Warriors would bring back “The City” throwbacks for this season. On Thursday they officially announced it, sharing photos of the uniform.

In my opinion, this is the best-looking uniform in league history. The crest in the front and the cable car in the back both look phenomenal.

So in theory, I should be excited about this, right? Well, yes I am. But there is one problem with this throwback. Take a closer look at the crest. Instead of the screen-printed stencil of the circle on the jersey, it’s an entire patch that’s stitched on.

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It’s NBA opening night and I don’t know how to celebrate it

For years, the Warriors have not even sniffed the playoffs, so I never cared much about the opening night hoopla where a championship team raises their new banner and celebrates.

But this year is different. The Warriors are champs and they will have that celebration tonight at home. I wish I could be there. But I will watch it from home.

However, the idea of this celebration has yet to sink in. Are the Warriors really champs and are they really going to celebrate with a new banner? I think now knowing that the target is on the Warriors’ back is real. But with all eyes watching the Warriors, I still haven’t wrapped my head around it.

I can’t wait to see the celebration. I can’t wait to savor the moment. And I can’t wait for the Warriors to try to do it again.

How I got to spend ‘Back to the Future’ day chatting with Lea Thompson

Me and Lea!

Me and Lea!

As you know I am a huge “Back to the Future” fan. Like real big fan. I got the shirts, I got the movies, I got the LEGO set. I quote the movie over and over again. In fact, I held a mini marathon at home last night watching the films.

In fact, I shared about a little adventure I had yesterday at the mall.

But the coolest thing so far about today, which is the day Marty arrives in the future, is that I got a chance to chat with Lea Thompson. She plays Lorraine in the trilogy and this actually isn’t the first time I’ve interacted with her. Last summer at a screening, she was part of a Q&A and I was able to get her to sign my DVD copy of the trilogy.

But with today being the day Marty arrives, she was doing some interview touring and Huffington Post was able to get her for a live segment. I was asked the day before about it by a rep from Huff Post. They saw that I was a huge BTTF fan from my tweets probably and asked me if I would be willing to join in on a Q&A with her live. We went over the details of what questions I would ask and what kind of setting I would get ready using Google Hangouts.

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The danger the NFL faces with players seeking ways to bring awareness to a cause, honor to a loved one

This morning, Cam Heyward shared the above tweet. He says that because of the eye black he wore, the NFL fined him. The eye black was a tribute to his father, a former NFL player, who died in 2006 from cancer.

On the surface, it looks like the NFL has no heart. How could they fine a man who was paying tribute to his father who died of cancer? Of course, the reasoning for this would likely stem from the NFL’s rules of not allowing personal messages to be placed on eye blacks. The rule doesn’t give exception no matter what. The only way that would have been allowed was to have league approval prior to the action being taken. It doesn’t seem like Heyward did that, so that’s why the fine came. They didn’t fine him for the tribute. They fined him simply on him breaking the rules.

The story coincides with the situation DeAngelo Williams is in. If you are unfamiliar with it, here is the story. Williams lost four aunts and his mother to breast cancer. But the league won’t allow him to wear pink outside of October and won’t make an exception. The NFL allows pink in October but once that 31-day window is done, the time to express concern and awareness to it is over around the league.

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This is why Terrell Owens celebrated on the Dallas Cowboys star

I had always assumed that Terrell Owens’ famous touchdown celebration on the Cowboys’ star was because he wanted to mock the opposition.

Not exactly.

In “A Football Life,” Owens retells the story of that day and said it was his way of praising God. You can believe that if you want or not, but watch the video and see for yourself.

Are you cheering for the Cubs because ‘Back to the Future’ said so?

As you know I am a huge Back to the Future fan. As part of a side note from the movie’s sequel, the Cubs win the World Series in 2015. It’s a funny little piece of movie history but now that we are in 2015, this could actually happen.

I was real glad to see the Cubs win last night and advance to the NLDS. I am cheering for them to win it all solely because the movie said they would. Wouldn’t it be a great story and a cool tie in with the movie? A movie’s prediction almost 30 years ago predicts the World Series winner. How crazy is that?

The team I still think is the best in all of baseball are the Blue Jays and they probably have the most balanced team right now. However, you never know how things will turn out. I also like the upstart Astros. Something about them really stands out to me as a fun team.

But if I had to prioritize it, it’s the Cubs first, then the Astros. The Jays come next. The rest I am indifferent.

Possible look at Warriors’ jersey for their championship ring and banner ceremony

When the Warriors players receive their championship rings during the banner ceremony in their season opener, they are expected to wear something different on their uniforms for the game.

According to the Warriors’ team store site, this will be what the team has in mind. They will be wearing their home jerseys but will have a Larry O’Brien trophy patch on the right side. Additionally, the team logo on the front and the player number on the back will be outlined in gold.

The trophy patch was commonplace on team jerseys during the finals but last season, the NBA logo was placed above the player’s name and the NBA Finals patch as placed in that same location. This design gives us a glimpse of what the jerseys might have looked like if the league did not make the change.