The danger the NFL faces with players seeking ways to bring awareness to a cause, honor to a loved one

This morning, Cam Heyward shared the above tweet. He says that because of the eye black he wore, the NFL fined him. The eye black was a tribute to his father, a former NFL player, who died in 2006 from cancer.

On the surface, it looks like the NFL has no heart. How could they fine a man who was paying tribute to his father who died of cancer? Of course, the reasoning for this would likely stem from the NFL’s rules of not allowing personal messages to be placed on eye blacks. The rule doesn’t give exception no matter what. The only way that would have been allowed was to have league approval prior to the action being taken. It doesn’t seem like Heyward did that, so that’s why the fine came. They didn’t fine him for the tribute. They fined him simply on him breaking the rules.

The story coincides with the situation DeAngelo Williams is in. If you are unfamiliar with it, here is the story. Williams lost four aunts and his mother to breast cancer. But the league won’t allow him to wear pink outside of October and won’t make an exception. The NFL allows pink in October but once that 31-day window is done, the time to express concern and awareness to it is over around the league.

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