NFL’s #ColorRush is coming and it’s a good idea executed poorly

The rumor during the offseason was that the NFL wanted some color vs. color uniform matchups during Thursday Night Football. It wasn’t clear whether or not teams would wear new uniforms for this occasion or just have teams wear what they have in their rotation.

During a commercial on Thursday Night Football, we got our answer. Check out the above video.

The idea is either to help merchandise sales or make Thursday Night Football seem like a special event. Either way, it doesn’t need to happen but it’s here. Color vs. color is nice and I want to see more if it in the NFL. But their approach to this isn’t the best.

Let’s break each matchup down in the order these games will be played.

This matchup will feature the Buffalo Bills wearing what appears to be red jerseys. It’s essentially a color swap of their current set.

Opposing the Bills will be a Jets team in kelly green. Additionally, the sleeves, which are normally a contrasting color to the jersey, will be green as well.

This isn’t as bad. I like kelly green but the Bills to me in a red jersey doesn’t feel right.

Christmas in November? We got the colors for it.


Oh dear. The Jaguars already have a complicated uniform. But now they are making it gold — or maybe that’s yellow. Either way, it’s not pretty. It’s gold with white numbers and the black sleeves. The Jaguars have a nice teal alternate which they haven’t worn this year. That would of course clash with the Titans’ all-blue look. (If the Jags weren’t playing a team in blue, would they have gone all-teal?) Maybe the Jags could have stayed with the all-black. Bad choice.

Speaking of the Titans, looks like they are wearing their Columbia Blue look. This actually isn’t a new look. They’ve worn it before.


That Dallas Cowboys uniform looks familiar. Yes, yes it does. I think it looks just like the 1994 throwbacks. I actually like it.

The Panthers are keeping their blue jerseys but adding a new set of blue pants to match it. It could look really nice but with the silver helmet, it just might not work.


Ready for the condiment battle between ketchup and mustard? The color contrast will be quite heavy.

What I can tell from the short video is that the Buccaneers are taking their current home red set, making their shoulder yoke red and the armpit triangle will be pewter. It might not be that bad considering their current set is pretty brutal.

For the Rams, they are going with gold (or yellow if you want to call it) jerseys. This looks like this throwback, but with the horns on the sleeves. I don’t know what pants the Rams will wear, but they might wear their throwback pants which would make this entire uniform look monochrome yellow.

Are we ready for ketchup vs. mustard? Well, we’re getting it!


Overall, the idea isn’t bad and until I actually see these uniforms in action, I will withhold full judgment. But so far, it’s not looking like something that’s being executed well.


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