Thank goodness the Cowboys are wearing white in their #ColorRush game against the Panthers

We had known for a while what the color scheme for the Panthers-Cowboys matchup for their #ColorRush game. The NFL made it official with both teams announcing and revealing their looks.

The Panthers are set to wear their standard blue jerseys for the game. (The promo pictures feature a black keyline on the shoulder logo, but these actual jerseys in the promo don’t reflect that.) Going with the monochrome theme, the pants will match the jersey. This is the first time the Panthers have worn blue pants and it actually looks decent. Not great, but decent.

How come the Cowboys aren’t wearing mono navy blue? I believe that it has to be with the fact that two teams are wearing blue. I know the shades are different, but it wouldn’t be great to have two teams wearing mono-blue and wearing silver helmets. Not the best. There might be a chance of viewing confusion on the players, officials, coaches or even fans. This has to be a factor into why the Cowboys are in all white. And of course being the that it’s the Cowboys, they do white at home mostly anyway.


This look reminds me of the throwbacks the team wore in 1994. The difference is that the pants are white with a blue/silver stripe. The color and trim match. So this throwback feel with white pants is a little strange, but not that uncommon. They wore something similar in 1994 as well. I wish the socks were blue, but I know that wasn’t going to happen.


Because this isn’t “color vs. color,” it’s actually not bad. Visually, blue vs. white will work. We got lucky here.


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