The Padres unveil some new jerseys

As part of some changes to their uniform this season, the San Diego Padres revealed their Navy-inspired camouflage set. Camouflage has been a staple for Padres home games, but this time they are going with the blue route.

The wordmark is different, which is what we should expect with their white uniform set. Overall it’s an OK look but nothing too special about it. But since it’s blue, it will match well with their blue caps. 

The team also unveiled their new white uniforms to celebrate the All-Star Game. This is a first in MLB history of such distinction. The team will keep their regular caps but with the “D” in “SD” in yellow. This is their white uniform.

I am not too huge on the chest wordmark. I prefer it to go across. However visually, the color is welcoming so for now, I think it’s fine.

But the big reveal was the return of the brown and yellow for Friday home games. There isn’t any orange but that’s OK. Taco Bell caps are back and this should be a great visual look every Friday night.

Well done Padres on this one. Overall, some changes that aren’t necessary (camo, ASG whites) but this brown and yellow look is pretty nice to see.





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