The NBA unveiled the All-Star Game uniforms and they feature an ad on the jersey

Adidas and the NBA unveiled the uniforms for the All-Star Game in Toronto later this season. Much like the Raptors’ current uniform, they take the f0nt and simple design look for this uniform. For the most part, I am totally fine with that.

But we encounter some problems.

First of all, the jersey features an ad. For some time, we expected ads to be a part of the NBA uniform. It was inevitable. But this is the first time such an ad has appeared on an official NBA uniform. It’s a small KIA logo on the front. It makes the uniform look cheap. And with the Adidas logo on the opposite side, this isn’t the most appealing thing you can do to the uniform. It’s small now, but it’s a sign of things to come.


But here are some positives. I really like the idea of the Toronto skyline on the back of the jersey with the ASG logo. Subtle and simple and unique. Also take a look at the shorts design. A logo that features a maple leaf and the claw marks make this a unique logo for the game and the city. Overall, I really like this design element a lot. Well done.

Here is one issue with the shorts, however. This is a gimmick Adidas tried to pull off on the college scene. The two-tone shorts will really make it look like that the players are sagging their shorts. I remember watching Wisconsin during March Madness and I couldn’t get over the fact that his team (along with other Adidas schools) looked like their shorts were falling off.

Not a great look here, Adidas.

Overall, the design and approach to these uniforms aren’t bad. But the ad and the saggy shorts hurt it a little. It’s small now. But it’s only a sign of things to come in the future.

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