49ers are going throwback for Sunday’s game against the Bengals — will that include old school uniforms?

Kickin' it old school this weekend. #49ers

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As part of the NFL’s 50th Super Bowl in February, the league has celebrated it by making its logo gold. They’ve also had all teams paint the 50-yard marker gold. Before the season started, the league emphasized certain regular season matchups that so happen to be Super Bowl rematches.

On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers are set to face the Cincinnati Bengals. The 49ers faced the Bengals in Super Bowl XVI and Super Bowl XXIII, winning both games. To celebrate their Super Bowl triumph, the 49ers are transforming their field to mimic the field design they had during their glory years at Candlestick Park.

The question now is whether or not the 49ers will go with a throwback uniform to go with the occasion.

The NFL’s current rules on having one helmet won’t affect the 49ers if they were to go this route. The 49ers would simply swap the logo decal on the helmet and that would be set. Their current set is very similar to their old school uniforms, meaning that a throwback set would not be hard to reproduce. In fact, the Bengals could join in on the fun. Their helmets have not changed since those two Super Bowl games and they could also wear throwbacks for the game.

With the 49ers as the home team, they would wear red and the Bengals will be in white. It would perfectly match their Super XXIII matchup.

Unfortunately, it looks very unlikely that the 49ers and Bengals would go this route.

If they were going to throwback route, they would have marketed it on social media by now. They have not done that.

Additionally, the NFL allows each NFL team to have three jerseys for a season: One home, one road, one alternate/throwback. Since the 49ers and Bengals already have their alternate (49ers/black, Bengals/orange), they would not be allowed to add a fourth jersey. (The only exception would be for a league-wide promotion such as NFL’s “Color Rush” deal.)

As much as it is great that the 49ers are going old school with their field, it’s a shame that all signs point to them just doing that and not altering their uniforms.


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