Samuel Lam’s 2015 Best and Worst Dressed in Sports: NBA edition

Adidas put together a great Christmas set this year.

As the 2015 calendar year comes to an end, I’ve put together my annual list of the best and worst dressed teams in sports.

This is a list of strictly my opinion, so feel free to agree or disagree or just take it for what it is.

To qualify for this list, the uniform element must be a new set that debuted and was used for in-game action in 2015. That’s pretty much it. Let’s go take a look at the list for the National Basketball Association.


** I hope I didn’t miss anything important.

NBA’s Best and Worst Dressed


Flawless in every way possible. Great balance of color with the hint of blue. The design is crisp and innovative. It’s not loud and even the black alternate is decent. Great job.

INDIANA PACERS – I think it’s stupid to do a throwback to a uniform of a team from a movie. But somehow this works for Indiana. I like what they did here.
MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES & SAN ANTONIO SPURS – Grizzlies throwbacks are magnificent. The Spurs didn’t really throwback, but rather take their old George Gervin design and mixed it with their alternate design. It works for me somehow.
ATLANTA HAWKS – This is how you shake the world with a rebrand that’s intriguing. The colors are bright but it works for this new identity. The mix and match options is a little strange but for a team that’s looking for a fresh look, I can go for it.
PHILADELPHIA 76ERS It’s not that exciting. It’s just simple. I’m fine with that for a franchise that is going nowhere.
CHINESE NEW YEAR – These turned out well. Way better than the Spanish jerseys in which they just add “Los” to everything. The design was unique and matched the team’s identity well.
CHRISTMAS – Adidas did so well on this year’s Christmas unis. They are simple and marketable. Well done.
CLEVELAND CAVALIERS – Out of the thousands of throwbacks and alternates the team has, I am glad to see this one. But not this.
CHARLOTTE HORNETS – I love the color. I don’t like the sleeves. But because it’s black, it works out well enough.
STANCE – I am liking Stance and their deal with the NBA. Socks are no longer one solid color with the logo. Now they match the uniform and are a little different. I even like the Steve Nash tribute the Suns had.


Pure hot garbage. There were rumors that this was designed by someone outside of the Clippers organization and it looks rushed. Whether it’s true or not, you can clearly see that this uniform set is just terrible in every single way. Their black uniforms are equally ugly. What an embarrassment. 

We knew these were coming. They were ugly when we first saw them and they still look terrible on the court. But they do have nice throwbacks this year.
HOUSTON ROCKETS – The gray unis look so boring. The red alternates are not better than their last red alternate. And that black one, which won’t be worn until next season, just looks so forced.
DENVER NUGGETS – Too many changes. New home and road set with unnecessary changes. Ugly white sleeves that look like a cheap T-shirt. Terrible.
DETROIT PISTONS – Unnecessary chrome alternate takes away from an already good simple set.
PHOENIX SUNS – This team has an identity problem and this black alternate takes away from their set. Good idea to recreate the 1990s look but it was a bad execution.
TORONTO RAPTORS – A little boring. A little too much Drake influence. It’s not bad but it’s so simple and it just doesn’t excite me.
OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER – Orange is bad. These white sleeves were also bad. This team uniform identity needs help.
MIAMI HEAT – I don’t understand why they need a military and another alternate. Just stick with the throwback and that’s it.


There were some great candidates for this one, such as THIS and THIS, but ultimately I found the vibrant colors in this game a hit for me. It’s color vs. color and the Hawks’ mix and match (which is still something that still takes time getting used to) gives this game something different. It’s strange but in a way, it looked great on TV.


What other notable uniform, logo or any other visual changes this year did I miss? What did you like or hate?


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