NHL All-Star Game jerseys are OK and that’s perfectly fine

I didn’t dig the highlighter unis they did last year. But this year in Nashville, their homage to music is nice.

The black and white theme goes with the piano keyboard. The three stars on the collar work as the homage to Tennessee. I wish there was some blue to it but overall it’s not an overly exciting look. In fact, it’s kind of plain.

And plain is good. With the NHL going to a new format this year, the last thing they need to do is have some kind of gimmicky look to it. Keep it simple and let the game speak for itself. I’m fine with this look. No need to attract attention to the game for the wrong reasons.


3 thoughts on “NHL All-Star Game jerseys are OK and that’s perfectly fine

  1. I only saw two versions of the uni, a black and a white version ie a home and away version. But with the new format there are 4 teams to my understanding. 4 teams and only two unis doesnt make sense to me. Can you fill me in on what I am missing, please

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