Nike might be changing up the uniforms in the NFL next season

Nike manufactures a lot of different teams’ uniforms in the college game. When Nike received the rights to manufacture the uniforms for the NFL, they took the template they had established in the college game to the NFL. We saw sweatboxes, flywire and more matte colors.

So with the Nike college jerseys using a new template, we might see the same template in the NFL next season. In fact, we have already seen it on the field. The name of the template is called “Mach Speed” and it is the newest design from Nike following their Elite 51 design, which can be seen around the NFL.

What makes this design unique is the stitching is much different. The panels are like flaps of a jacket that “zip” up the middle. Additionally, the flywire is gone and the collar design is much different. This is what it looks like.

As you can see above, Eli Manning wore it this past season. Some Dolphins players use the new template. Matt Forte used it in the season finale as well. It isn’t an exact replica of the ones in college, but you can tell that the collars have no flywire and the stitching on the jersey is different from everyone else.

So what does this mean? If the NFL is making a change to their template design in the NFL, this is what we should expect. Some uniform designs that were handicapped by the flywire, such as the stupid necklace collar, might be eliminated. Additionally, a new template opens up the chances for some teams to get a new uniform design. The Rams have been rumored to get a new uniform and a potential move to Los Angeles could mean something .

Be on the lookout for a potential change in the near future. Nike could be making some big changes.


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