The good and bad of the Rams coming back to Los Angeles

The St. Louis Rams are no more. The NFL has approved of the Rams to return to Los Angeles after 21 years away. Los Angeles has been desiring for a team for quite some time and they are getting one. They might even get a second one.

But this is great news for Los Angeles and sad news for St. Louis.

On one hand, one of the biggest markets in all of America finally has its football team back. There should be some great excitement in the city for a new football team.

But this is also a sad day for St. Louis, a city with passionate fans but the business side of the league caught up to them.

But the good news is that the NFC West is now geographically accurate to its name. Those long flights out to St. Louis are no more. The trips for these division rivals will be much easier.

Another thing that will come up is the traffic in Los Angeles. The new stadium will be ready in a few years but still, a busy freeway on a Sunday is no fun. Driving on Sundays was easy without a team but it will be a little interesting with the Rams back.

One thing I do look forward to is a new uniform. The Rams have to get some new uniforms and the best option might be an old option. Either something from the Eric Dickerson era or the Deacon Jones era will be fine.

Ultimately, this the NFL not really caring about the fans and just chasing the money. That’s Stan Kroenke. But that’s how the NFL works. Now we wait to see if the Chargers or the Raiders will follow suit.

Don’t screw this up, L.A.


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