My predictions for today’s championship games in the NFL

Who’s going to the Super Bowl? Check out my predictions below.

They meet again.


Are you sick of this narrative? I hope not. This may be the last time we will see Tom Brady and Peyton Manning face each other in a game. The stakes are at the highest for these two once again and we could see another classic game.

Manning is still working his way back into football shape but appears to have gotten it back just in time. He didn’t look all too great last week but the defense and the running game kept the Broncos against the Steelers. But in order for the Broncos to have any change, the receivers cannot afford to have so many dropped passes. It will be on them ad the defense to give the Broncos a chance.

Brady seems to have a better offensive game plan working for him. Much like the Broncos, the receivers have to make the catches. Julian Edelman has to avoid the early yips to get the Patriots offense going. Without an established running attack, could we see a continuation of a committee or the Patriots trying to focus more on passing? I think the passing game will still be big and Rob Gronkowski will be in the middle of it all.

This game may once again come down to field position early on. With that, whichever team can get to a good start will set the tone. The Patriots are playing better and they will get the win.



This could be an instant classic.


The Carolina Panthers are where they expected to be. The offense on Sunday showed that the running game with Jonathan Stewart is a much-needed element to the Panthers’ attack. Cam Newton has been playing superb as well. Both those two need to be on the top of their game. The heart to the Panthers remains the defense and if the Panthers can control the passing attack, they will have the edge.

But the Cardinals have an offense that is playing extremely well. Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd will both be essential the Cards’ passing attack. The running game might have Chris Johnson back but a lot of the load will still be on David Johnson. If the Cardinals can find a good balance in the offense, they will be able to establish a good pace in the game.

The biggest part of this game is the momentum. The Panthers had all the momentum last week and nearly lost it. The Cardinals seemingly lost the momentum late last week but still won. Which team can establish it first and maintain it?



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