Check out the new spring training gear

Here are the galleries to the new caps and new jerseys.

Some of the caps from years past remain the same. Some caps will be different as you can see in the above tweet. You can go through the gallery to get a better look. Some old school logos like the Brewers and White Sox make a nice debut. The Marlins, Tigers are going to be a little loud and the Rays are just going with a sun burst. Some of these are not bad. The biggest surprise is the navy maple leaf for the Jays. Each cap has a location patch as well along with a sublimated league logo on the other side.

The jerseys are a whole different story. Each jersey will have a location patch and a sublimated spring training design in the back on the name and number. Some teams are just adopting an alternate jersey in their system. Some are adding new jerseys as well. So away with special uniforms just for spring. It’s mostly take an old template and just switch out the names and numbers and add a patch.

I think this is fine. It’s not so over the top. These changes are expect. It probably will hit me more when I see them in action. But with the massive overhaul in design by Majestic this year, this comes as no surprise.


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