The John Scott All-Star Game happy ending was perfect

I think the All-Star Game fan voting across all sports should be eliminated. It serves no great purpose and players who don’t deserve to go to the game are taking away votes that should be going to players who should have a spot on the roster.

But with that said, since fan voting still exists, I am glad that the outcome of the John Scott fiasco turned out the way it did.

Scott did everything right leading up to the weekend. He tried to not get involved in the voting craziness that happened but when it was obvious that he was going to the game, he embraced it. Unfortunately the NHL tried to stop all of this but the fan demand was too high.

What we were blessed with on Sunday was like a fairy tale. It could have been the little engine. Or maybe the ugly duckling. However you look at it, John Scott’s weekend and MVP award was for all of us.

Scott represented the people of the world who do their job just as hard as the next person but doesn’t get the recognition. Scott is the behind the scenes guy while the main act gets all the awards. Scott is the one who works every day to provide for his family and never makes a fuss about his situation in comparison to another person’s.

The reason why Scott was celebrated was because he was the common man. He was the man whom the people wanted to celebrate. In a sense, the people wanted to celebrate each other.

The NHL wanted to hold him down but it wasn’t to be. This is why he’s still a story today. Scott won for everyone. And the great thing is that his teammates understood who he is and who he represented.

The All-Star Game celebrates the stars of the league for the fans. The fans saw Scott as a star. They saw themselves in him. They wanted to celebrate him. And for one day, everybody was an All-Star and they all were named MVP.

The perfect ending.


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