The aftermath: My thoughts on what happened at Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 has come and gone and the Broncos are champions again. But there were a lot of thoughts that came to my head during the bout and I will just share them with you right now.


  • I am so glad the game was played in California. The California sun really makes it seem like a cool progression from light to night during the game. I wish I attended this game since it’s at Levi’s Stadium. Maybe next time. Although there were complaints about the turf again. But the NFL took care of the turf for the game, not the Niners, so this wasn’t on the Niners this time. Is field turf a possibility?
  • Don’t ever boo Tom Brady.
  • Lady Gaga is a legend and she did great. I didn’t read on any of the reports of people being upset but they are just fools.
  • I had thought that the Broncos pass rush was so superior that there was a chance it would upset the supposedly balanced Panthers team. That was the only factor I thought that would give the Broncos the advantage. That was it. Von Miller deserves the MVP award.

  • With Jonathan Stewart not being a huge factor in the game (which included his injury) the Panthers offense was stifled. Greg Olsen was supposed to be a big factor but he didn’t do anything really.
  • This game had way too many turnovers and that was also a hindrance to both teams early on. That also led to field position advantages that the Broncos succeeded in.
  • Peyton Manning didn’t even play well but he played good enough with that defense.
  • I don’t like Coldplay. I don’t like Bruno Mars. I am cool with Beyonce. That halftime show didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. It actually was produced and choreographed better than I thought. This shows was fitting more for a San Francisco crowd, not a Santa Clara crowd. Oh well.
  • Cam Newton. I don’t know why you didn’t dive for that fumble. Probably didn’t want to get hurt. Oh and that postgame press conference. I know you probably left it early because you could overhear Chris Harris talking. Still, not a good look for you.
  • He Eli, smile for your brother.
  • Papa John is creepy and him trying to kiss Peyton Manning right after the game ended was odd.
  • Speaking of product placement, that Budweiser comment by Peyton was odd since the company didn’t know he was going to do it.
  • I am a Halloween baby. That commercial was weird.
  • Now that Peyton won this game, I expect him to retire.  Good ending for him.
  • Eleven of 12 past Super Bowl champions wore white jerseys for the game.
  • Hey good job Marshawn with your tweet about retirement too in the middle of all this.


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