Oakland A’s OF Khris Davis appears to be wearing Stance socks during a game

Watching this clip, I noticed that Khris Davis is wearing some interesting socks. They don’t match any of the socks the team has worn in the recent past.

It looks like socks are all green with a stripe design at the calf, with the team logo around the ankle. I tried to get a decent screen shot of it.

The more I looked at it, the more I realized that this design is very familiar. Where have I seen this before? Then I remembered that Stance made socks that looked like it. You can even see what appears the small Stance logo on the left leg in the photo.

So did Davis take these Stance socks and wear them over his regular socks? It sure appears so from this. What an interesting concept. The stripe design clearly doesn’t match the three-stripe look the team has unofficially made their primary look. I wonder if this is allowed or if it will be worn again in the regular season.


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