Check out what appears to be the new Sacramento Kings logo set

Well here it is folks. This appears to be the new Kings logo set. It takes a piece of their history and gives it a modern take to the logo. The city name is there and the font is different. The basketball has an added seam. Overall, it’s a pretty good modern version of an old logo. (Keep in mind that the official colors are not known yet — black and white is just a placeholder.)

If you click the link, you can see the the other alternate logos. Overall, it’s a nice set but I will have to wait until I see it in its full color first. I do like the lion logos. 

This is a welcomed addition to the Kings’ set. Since the days of Chris Webber, the Kings have been trying to capitalize with their identity. They’ve flip flopped between new fonts and remade logos. It’s been a mess for the past 15 years or so. Sticking with something like an old school logo is an attempt to get back to the time when they were good.

I don’t particularly think this is a great idea. But for a team that is desperate for a new change, going old school is the common approach. We’ll see what it will look like with the proper colors.

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