Sacramento Kings officially unveil new logos and it could be better

We were informed in a post last week of what the Sacramento Kings’ new logo sets were going to look like. Today, we now know what the colors will be and how it will be used.

Let me say this first. The Kings have had an identity crisis for about 15 years. When they were the purple and black Kings who challenged the Lakers in the early 2000s, that was a neat identity. They tried to roll with it in the following years and had a lot of trouble establishing one whole identity. They were changing wordmarks and primary logos. They kept the same colors, but the whole identity as a mess.

Naturally since they have not established their look, making changes is easy. This is what we have now. The Kings deserve better and in an attempt to stay relevant, they have followed the trend of incorporating an old design to their identity. It’s not great but it’s what happens when a team is struggling to make an impact.

The Kings have eliminated black from their identity. They are focusing on purple, silver/graphite and white. The graphite may be dark enough to replace black. (See photo at end of post.) Both the lion logos are nice and may be the best part of this new set. The reason is likely because of it not being associated with the old school look. It’s fresh and I welcome that.

However, the rest of the logos aren’t that great. I actually dislike how they are going with a modernized version of an old logo. It seems like the Kings just can’t figure it out. They actually had a pretty unique primary logo but now they just feel that they are copping out with this route.

Still, the big wait is to see what the new uniforms and court design will look like. Even though black is out of the picture, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a black alternate in the near future. Still, the Kings could have done better. But they are the Kings and they just always fall short with these things.


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