You want ‘Space Jam 2’ to happen? This is what needs to go down

As you have heard, they have found a director for “Space Jam 2” and the reboot/sequel is finally getting the necessary things in motion to make it happen. The idea, though not confirmed, is that the movie will focus on LeBron James as the main character.

This is a bad idea.

First of all, the idea of this sequel happening is completely unnecessary. The original was a little off the wall and it featured a good storyline that followed it. Michael Jordan’s abrupt retirement allowed this storyline to work through. The silliness of Bugs Bunny and the rest of this crew recruiting Jordan to an intergalactic basketball game against aliens who have stolen his friends’ talents is perfectly a 1990s idea. It should stay there. Anything similar would not work today.

But here we have LeBron James. He isn’t as likable. (Although one can argue that Jordan wasn’t very likable as well but he was way more revered during his era than James is now.) The timing of this is terrible. If they made this to coincide with James’ return to Cleveland, then there might have been something.

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