The Warriors gave us a thrill by getting rid of the Thunder

Stephen Curry came up big in Game 7. (Ben Margot / Associated Press)

Once the Warriors won Game 6, you knew that they couldn’t be denied. Everything looked bad for them when they were down 3-1. But this championship team knew that they had to do one thing — believe in themselves.

All the pundits said that they weren’t going to win the series. Instead they fought hard and got that Game 5 win. Then they had no business winning Game 6 but willed their way to that victory. And in Game 7, they came back one more time to eliminate the Thunder.

You can say that it was the Thunder who didn’t handle the pressure well and you would be right. But it takes an opposition to strong and so determined like the defending champions to complete this comeback. The Warriors are that team and how they won was simply amazing.

We are in an era of basketball where we need to appreciate what this Warriors team is doing. Especially for Bay Area fans who have not seen consistent winning in their generation, the Warriors are now giving us a glimpse of basketball that we may never see again.

Now they are going back to the NBA Finals. This is going to be fun. And how they got back to the NBA Finals after going down 3-1 makes this journey even more sweet.


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