Did the Padres make special road jerseys for the All-Star Game because they designed the wrong jersey?

Since the San Diego Padres were hosting the All-Star Game, the team announced before the season they would wear special home jerseys and caps to commemorate the special event. It was something new and no other team had done it before. But it was nice sine it introduced yellow into the color scheme.

There were rumors that this was a transitional jersey as the Padres were planning to go with the color scheme full-time next season.

Still, it was a bold move to have a jersey specific to the midsummer classic. And for the most part, the jersey and cap didn’t look too bad.

The plan, as it was believed, was for the Padres to wear these white jerseys (seen above) for the All-Star Game. However, the National League was the designated road team. Because the All-Star Game was going to be played in National League parks in four consecutive years, the league decided to keep the alternating of home and road teams between leagues.

Because of that, it appears that the Padres now have a special event jersey that they couldn’t even wear for the special event.

This is the reason why last night the Padres debuted a road version of the special event jersey at the game last night. It had never been worn before in any other game. Did the Padres know about this the whole time or did they realize it too late?

And what’s interesting about this jersey is that it actually looks really good. It looks like a perfect match. The home jersey isn’t as exciting but if the team keeps their original home jersey and keep this new road jersey, they might have a decent set.

But knowing the Padres, they’ll find a way to screw this up as well. Too bad. Drew Pomeranz looked good in the new road uniform.


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