The NBA might move the All-Star Game out of Charlotte

As America evolves into a country that is opening up and accepting LGBT as a societal norm, there is still a lot that needs to be done. Big corporations have to make a conscious decision whether or not they want to be vocal about their support or if they don’t agree with something at all.

This is where the NBA is standing. As a league that has a worldwide reach, they know that they have to be careful as to what they say or support. And Adam Silver is holding onto his word about the public bathroom laws for transgender.

You will always have both sides of this debate and Silver believes that he is taking the side that is right. Or at least the side that has the majority of support in his favor.

This is not the first time a league-wide event was threatened to be moved due to state laws. But as we look at what the NBA may be doing, it’s business but also a view of how our world is changing.


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