New NFL sideline caps hint at what uniforms team will wear this year

New Era revealed the sideline caps for this upcoming NFL season. The overall design scheme is simple. It’s the main logo along with a larger logo in the background blending into the crown the cap. From a distance, it is hardly noticeable and looks very similar to the caps the players and coaches had been wearing since Nike took over in 2012.

However, if you look at the caps that the teams will be wearing, it will show you what throwbacks you should expect from several teams this year.

There are some old throwbacks that were expected to be worn this year.

There are also some caps that suggest new throwbacks for this year.

The first two I pointed out are unlikely to happen if the NFL upholds its one helmet rule. The Lions could still manage a throwback with their current threads and the one helmet rule could mean the Falcons go with the Dirty Bird throwbacks.

I actually would like to see the Dirty Bird throwbacks.

Maybe I am looking too much into this and my speculation is just that. Or maybe New Era has already given us a sneak peek into what is to come this season.


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