I met Bill Walton last night and he’s chill and cool as I always imagined he would be

Last night I was in San Diego to see The Fab Four, a very cool Beatles tribute band. When I sat down in my seat, I noticed this very tall fellow sitting on a specially designed chair. I looked at the man’s face and instantly recognized him. It was Bill Walton!

It made perfect sense. He is from San Diego and he would be at a show like this. I was nervous about approaching him because he was on his phone the entire time. I know famous people don’t like to be bothered when out in public so I decided to just let it be. But then after, I saw one fan approach him and take a photo. I then decided that if he was cool with that fan, then he may be cool with me.

I walked up to him, and said “Hi Mr. Walton, I am a big fan.”

He smiled. That Bill Walton smile. He replied,”Hi my name is Bill.” He was so chill. I told him about a classmate of mine that was actually related to him. I think it was my classmate’s mom’s cousin’s daughter or something like that. Bill didn’t recognize the name. But that’s OK. Then changing the subject briefly, Bill said he really liked my shirt. I was wearing this NBA memed Beatles shirt. Of course he would like it. I had shook his hand and asked him if I could take a selfie real quick. As you can see above, he obliged.

As I was enjoying the show, which was very cool, I looked over a few times to Bill to see how he was enjoy it. That guy was smiling the entire time. He was beaming with joy. He sang along to every song, clapped along and was really entertained by the whole show.

And why wouldn’t he? It was a great show.

I was surprised that only two people (me included) approached him. Maybe his appearance in San Diego was so normal. But even at that, I was glad that he was so kind. He seems like a cool person to hang around. And that has always been my perception of him. Now that was confirmed with my brief encounter with him last night.


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