My thoughts on these new Color Rush uniforms

It is here! The Color Rush uniforms are unveiled. Some teams will not be wearing their designated Color Rush uniforms because of a color clash. Well that’s good planning, isn’t it? Here are some quick thoughts and notes.

Nothing new for Buffalo, that’s fine. The Jets will be playing the Bills so in reality, these green uniforms won’t return. With last year color blindness fiasco, this is the wise call.

The Patriots one looks real nice. It’s the template of their Pat the Patriot design but with their modern colors and number font. I like it. And the Dolphins’ current set lacked orange. This new set is all orange and I don’t mind it at all.

Browns look slightly better than their current set but it’s still very Browns. Luckily they are facing the Ravens, meaning they are actually going to be in all white. Steelers take a throwback design and add black pants. It actually works well for them.

Ravens don’t look too great being in all purple. Bengals hit a home run here with their white tiger look.

Chiefs take existing set and just add new socks. Raiders go with a throwback look which is real nice. The Chargers take a classic color scheme with this and I think they hit a home run there. The Broncos go all orange with a modified throwback helmet. I like it.

Titans and Jags are in the same ones as last year, so it’s OK. Colts looking pretty good in all blue. Texans look great but they will have to wear all white because they are facing all-blue Patriots.

Niners wearing their already known all-black uniforms with back socks, which I don’t like as a whole but whatever. Arizona looks pretty good but they are forced to go all white because they are facing San Francisco.

Rams also wearing the same as last year, which I thought was OK. Seahawks going all super green and for them, it actually works. Since these two are facing each other, the Rams will have to go all white.

Nothing new for Tampa and Carolina, which is fine. Their unis aren’t the best but I can deal with it.

Falcons look great with their simplified set without the complicated numbers — too bad they are facing the Bucs which means they have to wear white. I like the Saints’ throwback look, which to me is a winner.

Packers, a traditional team, participating in this is hard to take in but it looks pretty good still. Bears actually look good being in mono-blue again.

Vikes look fine in all purple as we have seen them in this before. Lions look OK in all black but due to color contrast, will not be wearing this getup this year.

Cowboys wearing what they wore last year. Eagles wearing their already established all-black look.

Redskins going all yellow is really hard to take in. Should have went with burgundy. Giants looking so fresh in their throwback getup.


Overall it’s not too bad. Because of contrasting colors, some teams won’t be wearing their designated uniforms which is a shame. Still for this gimmick, it turned out really well for the Saints and Giants. The Bengals look pretty good too. The Packers don’t look bad either. Neither do the Raiders.

Why do I like all the white uniforms?

What are your thoughts?


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