Warriors’ new faux Run TMC era uniforms look like trash

After leaks from NBA 2K17 surfaced on the new Warriors’ alternate uniforms for this season, the team has confirmed that they are wearing these new uniforms for six games. As you can see by the above tweet, which includes those dates, the new uniforms are essentially using the current template with the Run TMC era wordmark for the jersey. The numbers are plain white in their current Copperplate Gothic font. These are dubbed the “Crossover” uniforms. The official unveiling will be Monday.

The reason for the existence of these uniforms make no sense. The entire look lacks gold in the name and number and this serves no purpose if they are blending in two eras into one uniform. It is an awful attempt at more merchandise sales. It just doesn’t look or feel right. Throw this in the garbage, please.

What this means is that the Warriors are dropping “The City” uniforms which was a good idea, but executed poorly. But what it also means is that in Adidas’ final year with the NBA, they have half-assed their attempt in giving the Warriors a decent. Or maybe the team agreed to this. Either way, it’s pretty awful. I know there was a positive response to the Warriors’ Run TMC shooting shirts, but if they are going that direction, might as well go full throwback.

In addition, here is the look at the updated white Chinese New Year uniform.

What do you think of this faux Run TMC era uniform?


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