Craig Sager was always my inspiration

I remember when I was in college sitting at home with my friends. This was the first time in my life that I had cable TV. Up until that point, I didn’t know much about Craig Sager. I had just started my studies in journalism and I still had no idea what direction I wanted to go with it. Naturally, sports was my first choice. But I still was very open to many different paths with the degree.

I was watching the NBA on TNT and of course, Sager patrolled the sidelines asking questions before, during and after the game. I recall sitting and watching the postgame interview. I can’t recall who he was talking to, but I remember vividly how I felt about him. I thought his suit was pretty cool but what captured me was the way he presented his question to the player. He didn’t just ask a question or simply recite a statement, instead he painted the question. He presented the stats, shared the story of the momentum before finally asking the question. For most reporters, you want to get to the question immediately. But for Sager, he doesn’t do that. He instead sets the stage for the question.

“I love how he just paints the picture before asking the question,” I remember remarking. It was that approach that amazed me. Sager knew how ask the question in a way that helped the player remember what had happened, informed of stats and did it in a kind, caring tone that nobody could deny.

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Indians’ new idea of getting rid of Chief Wahoo caps is a horrible compromise

I get it. The Indians want to slowly separate their identity with Chief Wahoo. That logo was seen on the caps of the Indians for essentially their entire postseason run instead of an appearance of the block C cap.

But now the news has surfaced that the cap logo will not be seen as much.

Paul Hoynes of spoke to the team’s clubhouse manager.

Clubhouse manager Tony Amato said the Indians won’t have an alternative jersey until 2018 after retiring the cream jerseys last season. They will, however, retain the red caps from the cream uniforms and wear them with their blue tops at home in 2017.

So with this news, this is what we are expecting next season.

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The NFL Pro Bowl is your 5th grade gym class with dodgeball, relay races

This is weird. Pro Bowl week will now feature dodgeball and relay races. They will also have a passing accuracy challenge and a QB/WR drill portion. But dodgeball and relay races? Like gym class?

Competitions include:

  • Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: Pro Bowlers will compete in a game of dodgeball.
  • Power Relay Challenge: Four team members will compete in a timed relay race.

OK, this is going to be weird to have football players at the football all-star week doing non-football related things. Aaron Rodgers throwing an 80 MPH dodgeball to send someone into concussion protocol? A guy pulls a hamstring running a relay race?

This is your gym class all over again.

MLB All-Star Game will no longer determine World Series home-field advantage

Hooray! After that tie in 2002, they decided to make the league care by making the winning league the recipients of home-field advantage in the World Series.

The idea sounded cool when it was first brought up. But the problem with that new rule made an exhibition game matter. Then, the outcome of home-field advantage could be determined by players who won’t even be part of the postseason. It wasn’t fair and I am glad it is over.

Now the World Series home-field advantage will go back to the team with the best record. It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s not controversial.