Report: Chargers to announce move to Los Angeles

And it is finally going to happen.

After entertaining the idea of moving, the San Diego Chargers will be the Los Angeles Chargers. According to ESPN, the announcement is expected on Thursday. I wonder if they will have a name change.

The Chargers have struggled to find a way to get a new stadium and the fan support hasn’t been strong in San Diego. That doesn’t mean that the support in Los Angeles will be that much better. The Rams are not good and fans aren’t showing up to the home games.

At this point, it looks like the Chargers will share the Coliseum with the Rams unless there are plans to use the Rose Bowl. Those are the two major stadiums in Los Angeles that can host an NFL team.

This is sad for San Diego. They deserve better. Los Angeles doesn’t need a second team. But here are we are. Welcome to Los Angeles, Phil. How do you feel about it?



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