Monday morning hangover: Super Bowl LI edition

Accept the truth. Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.

It’s crazy to think that since his first Super Bowl win in the 2001 season to this win from this season, Brady has established himself as the greatest of all time. He has been consistent and he has been unbelievably good. That’s seven Super Bowl appearances and five wins. He has four Super Bowl MVP wins as well.

He is fortunate to have that kind of stability. Bill Belichick has been a solid rock in the Patriots organization. The players have bought in to the system. It works and the Patriots are reaping the benefits of it.

The debate of whether or not Brady is better than Joe Montana has been put to rest. Even in my most biased state of being a 49ers fan, I can’t argue anymore. Brady is the greatest. Montana may have never lost a Super Bowl but Montana never played so well for so long. Plus, Brady has had a wheel of changes to the roster and still made players around him better.

I look at the difficulty it is to succeed with the free agency moves all around the league. Sure, the passing game has benefited from some rule changes, but it still shows how great a player can be in that environment. Nobody else has come close to duplicating Brady’s success in the same environment.

The Patriots are the team nobody outside of Massachusetts wanted to see win. But here they are, champions once again. It’s the narrative that have right now. (Also thanks in part to some bad playcalling by Atlanta in the second half.) Everything seemed like it wouldn’t happen. But of course only the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history can be led by the greatest quarterback of all time.

Only can Tom Brady do that. He did. That’s why he’s the greatest.


Last night we witnessed a near flawless performance by Lady Gaga. It didn’t feel all over the place and even for people like me who don’t know catalog that well, I still was entertained by how many of the songs I recognized.

From the beautiful dedication to America to the smooth transition from song to song, Lady Gaga gave us a show. It is in my opinion in the top 5 halftime shows in Super Bowl history. The others are Prince (the best), Michael Jackson (the most important), U2 (the most emotional) and Katy Perry (the most fun).



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