Rams going with white horns on helmets for 2017 season is a mistake

The Los Angeles Rams have the right idea. They’re just approaching it wrong.

The team announced that they will be eliminating gold from their white pants and will introduce those new pants in a fan vote. Much like last season, they will go with the white jersey and white pants look at home for all of the 2017 season. In addition to this change, the Rams announced that they are eliminating the gold horns and replacing it with white horns. Fans can choose which face mask will be used.

With these changes, the Rams are evoking memories of their white and blue look from their first years in Los Angeles. I am for this change and I cannot wait for them to full adopt the design. However, due to NFL rules, teams cannot make any major changes to their jerseys unless five years have passed.

The Rams are set to move to their new stadium in 2019, which is where we expect a full introduction of a new uniform set. But why don’t the Rams wait until then to introduce the new pants and the new helmet design? With the current changes, we will have blue and white on the pants and helmets but still the old jerseys of blue white and gold. The mix and matching doesn’t work well with the uniform design.

Ownership wants to make the changes but they are limiting themselves. They can’t make a change to the jersey now and then try to change in 2019 because the NFL rule. They are stuck. They should have waited until 2019. Now they got a cluster of a set.


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