10 tips on how to have the best NCAA Tournament bracket

I usually have a pick ’em this time around but year I am going to forego that so I can focus on the two that I already am in.

I have followed some strategies throughout my years and I have done pretty well. I have never won but hey, I still got a good amount of upsets right.

Today I will share my tips on having a great bracket. A winning one? I don’t know. But these are what I hold on to when I fill my bracket out.

  1. If the school is not known for their basketball program, do not let them advance far. It is too risky to put so much stock on an unknown at the dance.
  2. Choose at least one 5/12 upset. Choose two if you feel fancy.
  3. Duke stinks and don’t ever pick them to win it all. In fact, pick them to falter and not even make it to the Final Four.
  4. Schools like Butler, Xavier should always be considered for a minor deep run as their history in the big dance warrants.
  5. Michigan State should always at least make a run most years. This year is a tough one however.
  6. Pac-12 teams should always be favored also to at least win one game. Arizona could win it all.
  7. Adidas schools should never be favored to win it all. I don’t like Adidas.
  8. Pay attention to the schools that endured a long conference tournament and their matchup against a team that didn’t have to play that many games. Advantage goes to the rested team.
  9. Be risky and have a couple double-digit seeds make it to the Sweet Sixteen.
  10. As stated before, do not give Duke any love.

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