I am sad the Raiders are leaving Oakland for Las Vegas

It’s a shame. The owners have approved for the Raiders to leave Oakland for Las Vegas. (The Dolphins reportedly was only team to vote against the move.)

This sucks for the loyal fans of the Oakland Raiders who had their team leave once and now it’s happening again. The city of Oakland is a great city and has plenty of loyal fans. But the dump that is the Coliseum (which they had to share) has made it so tough for this town to hold on to their teams.

The Raiders are leaving. The Warriors are gone in a few seasons. The A’s are trying to establish their commitment to the city.

What sucks about the Raiders moving is that if they were able to secure a new stadium plan, they would easily find success. A new stadium brings about so much revenue and job opportunities. Additionally, the team is good now. Imagine all of that coming together for Oakland.

But the Raiders now could end up winning a championship outside of Oakland (again).

What hurts me the most is that even though I grew up a 49ers fan, I always want to see good things for my hometown. I was born in Oakland. I spent my entire childhood growing up in the East Bay. My desire is to see my hometown do well. And if the Raiders staying and succeeding means that, then I want that.

The city deserves better. The fans deserve better. But the circumstances of the stadium, an owner who wants out and the money potential of Las Vegas is too much. Oakland can’t compete with that.

I wish there was another way. Maybe Mark Davis will change his mind. But that’s unlikely unless the finances don’t add up for the move. This is the future of the Raiders now. Let’s savor these last two seasons in Oakland.

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